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«The result is kaleidoscopic, revealing, exciting and coloristic.

And it comes hand in hand with a fantastic group of performers»

Arturo Reverter | El Cultural - El Español


«Very special the last work by two Granada-based groups which have joined for the very first time on CD, Todos los Tonos y Ayres

and Íliber Ensemble. [...] Musics arrived from Europe and others

of Eastern tradition are combined on this album, which pick up

a hybrid legacy and will [...] amaze many people»

Pablo J. Vayón | Diario de Sevilla


«The project [is] one of the most special

of the many launched in Spain in recent years»

César Coca | El Correo


«This excellent and very delightful work offers a

sample of the established relationship and the

level of sophistication of the Chinese culture

at that time. [...] A surprising work, pleasant

and excellently performed»

Miguel Ángel Pérez Martín | Doce Notas


«The result was an excellent and delicate concert,

in which the intellectual interest united with

the pure aesthetic delight. [...] An exemple of how

research work and erudition finally result in beauty»

José Manuel Ruiz | Scherzo


«The result of the instrumental part is compact and rich in

nuances and here, we could highlight the always impeccable performance of Vicente Alcaide with the natural trumpet»

Mercedes García Molina | Ritmo

February 2020

«The collaboration between the artistic director and the conductorDarío Tamayo and Darío Moreno, gives as a

result the extraction of all the expressive and dramatic

power of the work, offering so a version that stands out by

its musicality, so full of timbric contrasts that we could

easily define it as a musical chiaroscuroIn short, this is

a good testimony of a work that captivates not only

because of its singular conception, but also for its beauty»

Lucía Martín-Maestro Verbo | Melómano


«The music is very beautiful, of a great melodic invention,

and the recreation by the performers is exceptional.

The singers take care of the diction to the maximum,

and the instrumentation is pure luxury»

Pablo Meléndez-Haddad | Ópera Actual


«The publication of this CD of La guerra de los gigantes, recovered by Íliber Ensemble and the Granada Baroque Orchestra,

is only the tip of the iceberg of a sustained effort»

José Antonio Muñoz | Ideal


«The eight members of Íliber Ensemble passed their enthusiasm and they were heard with great pleasure. Abigail Horro, playing the colonial harp as well as different kind of recorders, gave a lesson of versatility, elegance and good taste. The Baroque violin, played by María del Mar Blasco, established clearly each melody, supported by Javier Utrabo, who played the continuo with his violone. Impeccable Miguel Ángel Jiménez playing the Baroque guitar,

the theorbo, and even the traditional charango. Luis Vives

exhibited all his skills in the selection of the percussion,

always sharp but without disturbing the group, and

Darío Tamayo on the harpsichord (as well as with his comments) showed his ability for recovering and matching this ancient staffs»

José Domènech Part | Levante


«And if the staged dimension already dazzle by its apparent simplicity, the musical part follows it closely: that Classical

strings tuned on early temperaments, the harpsichord of

Darío Tamayo as the basso continuosetting the pace

but without disturbing, and the far sound of

the Baroque guitar. It could not be better»

Andrés Molinari | Ideal


«It was very interesting the concert version of Sebastián Durón's opera La guerra de los gigantes, performed by the Granada Baroque Orchestra anad Íliber Ensemble, standing out again Marta Infante in the rol of Palante. Darío Moreno and Darío Tamayo,

co-directors of this project, coordinated voices and instruments with an imagined staged sense. [...] The recovery and

revaluation of this magnificent work means an worthy artistic acknowledgement for these two groups, that brought

out the best of its musical content. [...] The audience that

filled the Honor Court of the beautiful Castle of Vélez Blanco

gave a satisfied reception to this opera well researched,

even better performed, and carefully studied»

José Antonio Cantón | Scherzo


«Íliber Ensemble's exquisite taste increasing its repertoire has become its best business card. [...] Its conductor, Darío Tamayo, and the permanent members of the orchestra are de facto veteran musicians, experienced in the historically informed performance that never have disappointed, thanks to the rigour of their performances and the respectful staged treatment of the works they have performed. [...] They are already a bechmark of excellence in the historically informed performance in our country. [...] Darío Tamayo brought out the best of the nuances, standing out the Spanish features of the score, but without disturbing or harming the perfect balance with the Italian style of the work as a whole»

José Antonio Gil | Opera World


«One of the most prominent youth early

music groups of our country»



«If height were an artistic measurement and not merely applicable to body size, we could say that they are giants. Because [...] Íliber Ensemble has reached a stature rarely

achieved by groups specialising in early music»

Andrés Molinari | Ideal


«It is high time an early music group shone in Granada.

Íliber Ensemble, conducted by Darío Tamayo,

fulfils a petition long expressed»

Andrés Molinari | Ideal


«They are unique and pioneering. [...] Their aim is to avoid the loss of that huge treasure that is early music in general, and Baroque music in particular, performed with historically informed criteria. In other words, a real luxury for the Culture

—like this, with capital letters— of our country»

 Emilio Martínez | DiarioCrí


«A youth glance to early music»

Audio Clásica


«The audience packed out the Real Chancillería to watch the concert of the early music group Íliber Ensemble. [...] The

group made an enjoyable and interesting walk around

European cult music of folk heritage»



«Íliber Ensemble dust off very little-known Baroque

works, that have been left in shadows for years,

recovering pieces never played before in Spain»

Granada Hoy


«The ensemble [...] stems from the interest and enthusiasm

of a group of young people [...] for historically informed

performance of early music [...] Íliber Ensemble [is]

composed of musicians who collaborates with some

of the most prestigious youth orchestras of Europe»

El arte de la fuga


«Performances full of freshness and vitality have become a distinguishing feature of the Granada-based ensemble. [...]

In their concerts, they offer an alternative and different

perspective of early music, providing a youth glance that

breaks with the conventionalism surrounding this genre»


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